Formulary Benefits

Expert Advice

  • Our Cannabis Formulary Committee is comprised of clinicians experienced in medical cannabis.
  • We review best available evidence and over time use patient-generated outcomes data to build the base of evidence for medical cannabis and enhance the formulary.

Preferred Pricing

  • We partner with leading licensed producers to give Cannabis Standard subscribers access to preferred pricing for their medical cannabis.

Research Platform Benefits

Personalized Insights

  • Our research platform allows medical cannabis users to track their own outcomes, so they can better assess how medical cannabis affects their life.
  • Our state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class privacy protocols ensure user information remains secure and private.

Active Role

  • We use clinically validated tools to empower our medical cannabis users to share their data proactively.
  • Our medical cannabis user insights are used to inform future medical cannabis research—improving health outcomes for all Canadians.
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How It Works

Our medical cannabis formulary is based on the expert advice of our committee of clinical experts. The Committee has guided our review of best available evidence for the use of medical cannabis, and based on the evidence and expert opinion, we have identified medical conditions and symptoms that are supported by evidence.

If you are interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for medical cannabis, our Cannabis Standard platform asks a series of questions related to your medical condition, symptoms, and other symptom-related questions. It uses algorithms endorsed by the Committee to recommend whether you are a good candidate for medical cannabis based on the information provided. If you are a good candidate, the platform will pre-populate a Medical Document and enable you to select one of several product strains supported by evidence from the Licensed Producer of your choice. The platform also produces a note for you to take to your healthcare practitioner.

Several major licensed producers -- including Aphria, MedReleaf, Starseed and Canopy Growth – are providing preferred pricing for premium cannabis products to our Cannabis Standard subscribers.

Getting Started
Once you have created a Cannabis Standard account, you will be asked what medical condition you have, what symptoms you have, and other symptom-specific questions.

Cannabis Standard will attempt to match your medical condition and symptoms to indications supported by evidence. If you are a good candidate for medical cannabis, you will receive a pre-populated Medical Document branded Cannabis Standard. You will also receive the ‘Note for my doctor’ to take to your healthcare practitioner. The Note provides evidence-based guidance for your healthcare practitioner related to starting dose, titration dose and maximum dose, and other important treatment considerations.

Once your healthcare practitioner signs off on the Medical Document, you will be able to send it to the Licensed Producer (LP).

Participating in Research
For one of the first times in health care, patients are the ones driving change because when it comes to medical cannabis, they may be more informed than physicians.

Cannabis Standard supports this movement through its patient-centric solution. Powered by the Partner platform, the research platform captures patient responses to clinically validated quality of life (QoL) surveys, used to evaluate patient satisfaction, symptoms, and overall well-being.

This ultimately positions Cannabis Standard to demonstrate and determine the effectiveness of specific strains in treating various conditions.

Cannabis Standard encourages members to regularly submit their quality of life survey responses to further advance research efforts in medical cannabis and legitimize its use in medicine and health care.

Help us set a new standard for medical cannabis evidence. Join the Cannabis Standard movement today.