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What is Cannabis Standard?

Cannabis Standard is a tool to help you figure out if you may be a good candidate for medical cannabis, to find the recommended medical cannabis product for your condition and track the impact of medical cannabis in treating your symptoms. Membership with Cannabis Standard gives you access to discounts on the cost of medical cannabis*.

*The Licensed Producers with whom Cannabis Standard partners and their policy regarding discounts to Members may change at any time, without specific notice to you. Membership with the Cannabis Standard is not a guarantee of a discount from any particular Licensed Producer and does not give the member a right to obtain cannabis.

How we help medical cannabis patients

One part formulary, one part research platform, Cannabis Standard gives you the ability to make smart medical cannabis choices, while playing an active role in contributing to building a larger base of medical cannabis evidence. This will help fellow patients, and the Canadian medical and research community, better understand the effectiveness of different medical cannabis treatments for specific conditions and symptoms.

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Research Platform Benefits

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About Us

Founded in 2011 by Helen Stevenson, a former Ontario Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Reformulary Group is an independent, trusted source for evidence-based drug reviews and recommendations.

Our unique, best-in-class drug formulary delivers proven value to both employers and employees by promoting drugs that offer the best healthcare value. We also offer the award-winning DrugFinder tool to empower patients to make smart drug choices.

Drawing from our proven expertise, we built a medical cannabis formulary, Cannabis Standard, in 2018. This formulary is designed to help Canadians make smart medical cannabis choices, and play an active role in building a larger base of evidence for medical cannabis.

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