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About Us

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Our Story

The number of Canadians using medical cannabis has increased significantly in recent years. Since 2017, there has been a 70% increase in the number of registrants authorized to use medical cannabis. As of September 2018, there were 342,103 authorizations to use medical cannabis.

Patients and physicians are faced with the daunting task of deciding how to select the right strain, what works, how much to take, and when.

Though there is quality evidence for some medical conditions and symptoms – such as chronic pain, Multiple Sclerosis, treatment-resistant epilepsy, and nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy – there is a significant lack of evidence for many conditions.

Legalization of cannabis has been contentious within the federal landscape and has arguably created confusion among the medical community.

As a result, we believe that patients can lead the change in the healthcare system for the first time. Further, we believe that empowered patients should have a large-scale patient-centric solution that allows them to collect their own data and is accepted by the medical community.

Here’s where the Reformulary Group comes in: Cannabis Standard is a new formulary model that leverages digital channels to survey patients at scale, using metrics and surveys that are validated and reviewed by medical experts.

The platform will be fuelled by patients reporting their own outcomes data, in-real-time and as-needed data.

By empowering patients to record and share their data proactively, they will be able to make smarter medical cannabis decisions for their condition, while contributing to evidence that will help shape the future of medical cannabis use.

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Our Experts

Modelled after our Reformulary Expert Committee, our Cannabis Formulary Committee is comprised of clinical experts that specialize in medical cannabis and/or evidence-based reviews. The Committee is governed by terms of reference and follows clear and transparent guidelines on potential conflicts of interest.

The Committee has guided our review of best available evidence for the use of medical cannabis, and based on the evidence and expert opinion, developed criteria for use in specific indications, guidance around lines of therapy, strain selection, dosing, etc. Formulary decisions are based on scientific considerations as well as expert advice related to clinically appropriate, safe, and cost-effective use of medical cannabis.

Our Cannabis Formulary Committee is also advising on the development of our platform to capture and use real-world patient-reported outcomes data, based on validated tools. Outcomes data will be used to enhance our Cannabis Standard formulary.

Danial Schecter, M.D., CCFP data-ici-here

Midland, Ontario

Dr. Danial Schecter has been researching, educating and practicing in cannabinoid-based medicine (CBM) for the past 15 years. His interest in CBM led to the founding of the Canabo Medical Clinic, Canada's largest referral only clinic specializing in medical cannabis. He is involved in education and outreach within the medical cannabis space and has consulted with industry both nationally and internationally. As a recognized expert he has trained thousands of physicians and pharmacists on how to help patients decide if cannabis is right for them. Outside of cannabinoid medicine Dr. Schecter holds a fellowship in Hospital Medicine, is an active hospitalist at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, Ontario and also provides house calls to at-risk elderly and palliative care patients.

Committee Member Bios

Paul Daeninck, M.D., M. Sc., FRCPC

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr Paul Daeninck is a medical oncologist and palliative medicine consultant with Cancer Care Manitoba and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Palliative Care Program. He is an Assistant Professor and Leader for the Palliative Care Theme for Undergraduate Education at the Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba. He has authored several research papers as well as textbook chapters. His interest in cannabinoids goes back to 2000 when he joined the CCIC and began working with others who share a similar interest.

Paul Oh, M.D., M. Sc., FRCPC

Toronto, Ontario

Dr Paul Oh is the Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program and a Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, at University Health Network (UHN). Previously, he served as Chair of the Drug Quality and Therapeutics Committee (DQTC) of Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC), as well as participated in guidelines and strategic development processes for medication and health technology evaluation provincially and federally. He has received numerous awards for teaching and research and is the author of many peer-reviewed papers.

Michael Boivin, B. Sc. Phm.

Barrie, Ontario

Michael Boivin is a clinical pharmacist consultant, continuing education developer and president of CommPharm Consulting Inc. He has written almost 100 continuing education activities for pharmacists, family physicians, physician specialists, nurses and other allied health professionals, and has worked extensively for 17 years in the community pharmacy setting.

Danial Schecter, M.D., CCFP

Midland, Ontario

Dr Danial Schecter is a practicing family physician and the founder/ Chief Medical Officer of Cannabinoid Medical Clinic, which uses prescription cannabinoids and medical cannabis therapies to treat patients suffering from chronic pain and disabling illnesses. He also serves as the Chief Medical Advisor at AusCann and a Hospitalist at Royal Victoria Hospital.

Alan Bell, M.D., FCFP

Toronto, Ontario

Dr Bell is a family physician and clinical researcher in Toronto, Canada. He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto, and a recent recipient of the Canadian College of Family Physicians Award of Excellence.

Dr Bell is the only primary care physician to chair a Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) guideline committee and has participated in primarily panel for both the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Antiplatelet Guideline Committee and Canadian Cardiovascular Society Atrial Fibrillation Guideline Committee.

Dr Bell has incorporated cannabis-based medicine in his clinical practice since 2001, when the MMAR (Marihuana Medical Access Regulations) were first enacted. He has been actively involved in teaching and advocacy of CBM to health care professionals and the public since that time.

Helen Stevenson

Founder, President and CEO, Reformulary Group

In her former role as Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Executive Officer of Ontario Public Drug Programs, Helen oversaw Ontario's $4 billion drug program. She led the most significant prescription drug reforms in two decades – Bill 102 – which saved Ontarians an unprecedented $1.5 billion over five years. Helen also led many of Ontario's drug system initiatives, including the Citizens' Council, Drugs for Rare Diseases Framework, MedsCheck, and the Ontario Narcotics Strategy. Helen is a former Trustee of the Auto Sector Retiree Health Care Trust. She has a BCom (McGill University), MSM (Boston University Brussels), ICD.D designation.

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