Let’s make sense of medical cannabis.

Reformulary Cannabis Standard™ brings together researchers, doctors, patients and licensed producers to unlock the potential of medical cannabis.

Let’s make sense
of medical cannabis.
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Independent, research-driven and evidence-based, it will help you understand your options, make informed choices with your doctor, and track your own health journey – all while building Canada’s base of medical evidence.

Together, we’re bringing clarity to the world of medical cannabis.

Get clear on cannabis.

Find answers to your
questions about medical
cannabis from our
experts and others.

Discover your options.

Use our Discovery Tool
to see if cannabis can help with
your symptoms.

Track your health journey.

Use our tool, based on the World
Health Organization’s
quality-of-life survey, to track the
effects of medical cannabis.

Compare medical cannabis products.

Our growing Cannabis Index provides
standardized categorization for more
accurate product comparisons.

Why Cannabis Standard?

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Get expert advice you can trust

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Receive preferred cannabis pricing

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Help make sense of medical cannabis